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Sell Your House Fast, for Cash!

Fish Buys Houses  – 210-818-2881 - Sell Your House Fast, for Cash!

How it Works

1. Give us a call or fill out the Need to Sell a House Form

We understand you are busy, live out of the local area, or just don’t have time to show the house. Often times with information you share we are able to give you a cash offer right over the phone. If you take a couple of minutes and fill out the Need to Sell a House Form we can call you with a cash offer or even e-mail a cash offer. Should our offer come close to your asking price then we can arrange for a walk through of the property.

2. Viewing the property

The walk through of the property usually takes no more than 30 minutes. We’re just trying to analyze the property to see what repairs are needed, if any. You don’t have to worry about cleaning or the condition of the house. If after the walk through we can’t agree on a price for your house we’ll leave you a business card and bid you adieu. If after the walk through we agree on an all cash price or terms* we can sign an agreement to buy your house.

3. We Buy Your House

At this point you typically won’t have to worry about making your next payment, showing it to other individuals, or worrying about getting it ready to sell. We’ll file the signed purchase agreement with our preferred title company and if there are no problems with title we can close at your convenience. The closing can be done at the title company or at a law office.


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